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Serious change only happens if we are truly open to thinking differently

Katinka von der Lippe has 14 years in automotive design, as head of design of TH!NK. TH!NK produced a series of electric vehicles in Norway and Finland, and carved way for the change from combustion to electric drivetrains.


Currently more than 65% of new cars sold in Norway are zero emission vehicles. TH!NK city models are still driving silently on roads around the globe. The concept cars TH!NK Box, TH!NK OX and TH!NK City TC6 were all developed under Katinka von der Lippes leadership.


The Think design team concluded many of the concepts solely internally, or worked hand in hand with designers from Porsche Design Studio, Zell am See and Pininfarina, Turin in some of the projects.


Studio Ris offers consultancy on Zero Emission Futures: Thinking differently on how the automotive sector can contribute to a clean future, still allowing personal flexible transportation.


Clean Boat Future

In boat design, the change to zero emission is slowly following in the automotive path. The challenges are different, but the aim the same. Our future boats will all be zero emission, low noise vessels for work and leisure. Katinka von der Lippe has experience from multiple naval projects, as head of design at Eker Design. Projects from Hydrolift redesign, to ferry shuttles and leisure boats for external brands. Exterior and interior layouts.

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