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The Future Lift:  - Electric foiling vessels are changing how we see boats in the future.

As the Automotive sector is rapidly adopting EV technology and offering clean vehicles for all of us, the boat industry is lagging behind. But some companies are stepping up.

Lift Ocean, a Norwegian Maritime Tech company, is

now developing hydrofoil systems, enabling super low energy consumption and a smooth, silent electric ride above the waves.

Olympic sailor and world champion Petter Mørland Pedersen and his team in Lift Ocean have experienced the incredible power of foiling performance in sailing. Now the team is focusing their experience and competence on developing a complete hydrofoil system. Lift Ocean hydrofoil system enables boat manufacturers to focus on what they do best, building boats, whereas Lift Ocean makes them fly.


Studio Ris work for LIFT Ocean: 

Design of the concept boat LIFT Ocean 003 and visualization of the drive system and foils.

Follow the link to LIFT Ocean for more information:  

Follow the link to LIFT Ocean Concept boat:

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